Pool & Tubular Fencing

Pool fencing must meet a range of legal requirements. We recommend that for further information about pool regulations, visit your local council or www.dip.qld.gov.au/poolfencing  or a private certifier.

Aluminum or Steel:

Pool Fencing can be as unobtrusive as you wish, with a choice of powdercoat colours used as a contrast to complement your outdoor area.

  • Aluminium panels are available in a choice of either 16mm or 19mm tubular verticals.
  • Or hot dipped galvanised steel is available for commercial applications
  • The darker the colour the more easily your eye sees through it – to your pool.
  • The most popular powdercoat colour is Black, (many other colour choices are available)
  • Non standard tubular panels are manufactured in our workshop and are made to order.
  • Variations in designs are available including different styles of spears, crosses and circles as well as raked and curved panels

Sizes Available

Panels are normally available of the shelf in 1.2m, 1.5m, and 1.8m high and in lengths from 2.4m, 2.45m, 2.475m and 3000m.

Panels can also be made to your own specifications.

Pool Fence

Tubular Fence